Meet Daniel

Daniel, like many passionate and creative people (including you, perhaps?), defies simple description not only because of his breadth of talents and abilities, but also because of his broad range of passions and interests.  His original music, his use of music in celebration and ritual, and his work to help people connect with their musicality, creativity and expressive potential are his favorite ways of offering his experience, gifts and vision to the world and to you.

“Do not neglect your music.  It will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you.”

Thomas Jefferson


Sound Yourself

Do you ever wish you would get back to that musical instrument you played as a kid or break on out and sing more? Would you like to connect more deeply with your intrinsic musical nature? When you do so, you more easily access your inspiration and creative genius, and enhance your ability to interact with others in all aspects of your life.

Original Music

On this album, Marsupial Road Trip, Daniel offers his poetic and musically diverse perspective in a nourishing soup of soulful spices, hot rhythms and sweet harmonies served up to make your world more vibrant and numinous, brimming with possibility.

Blog: “To and Fro”

Being / Doing

These days I’m playing with a new way to dance with being and doing.  So often it’s a tug-of-war between activity and presence. Not that I haven’t had plenty of experiences of both at the same time to know better, but I can also get plenty tangled up... read more

Play a Different Note

When I recognize the patterns I play out on auto-pilot, I’m amazed at how efficient my system is at recording and playing those things back, and what a spelunking operation it can be to scratch out new neural networks that might be more interesting, adaptive and... read more

Permission and Space

  The Artist and the Bohemian in me know it’s okay for me to do things (like play the guitar) that inspire my creativity, enliven my mind and heart, that are fun and that bring joy and gratification.  But my “Accountant” and... read more

Watch this surprising video on how to enrich your relationships with piano improvisation.

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“When you think
you understand,
keep listening.”