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Current Invention


With hot vocals, infectious grooves, and our love of combining tradition with creativity, Current Invention offers a fresh and danceable approach to a wide variety of great music old and new.

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Marsupial Road Trip

My first CD, Marsupial Road Trip, is being mixed!  With a bunch of songs all written in the New Millenium, it presents a broad variety of my musical interests and expressive approaches.

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Healing sound

We humans are just beginning to appreciate the benefits of music for health and well-being. Through workshops, ritual, music lessons and other processes, I offer music to connect to soul and enliven experience.

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Marsupial Road Trip CD coming soon!

Over the past several years I've written a diverse collection of songs that are gathered on a new CD, Marsupial Road Trip, which will be ready to release very soon!  You can hear a few (pre-mastered) samples from it here.  To stay up on the CD release news, please sign up below for my mailing list.

To and Fro

Emerging from the chaos...

by in General
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Hello and welcome to the "To and Fro."  It's a place for sharing experieces, inspirations, confusions, ideas, delights and possibilities.  I'm at once emboldened and humbled by the prospect of having this outlet for articulating and sharing a few of the thoughts that creep, crackle and sometimes crash and cry out into my awareness!

Several years ago I was in a workshop with Christine Kane (Encourager Extraordinaire) who was passionately extolling the various joys of blogging. I thought the idea intriguing... and overwhelming.  For one thing, it was a little tough to discern whether I was more compelled by the numerous valid points she made or the fact that she looked so damn good making them!  b2ap3_thumbnail_christinekane.jpgEven more perplexing has been the fact that I've got things that have been on my todo list ever since 3M invented little yellow stickies.  What makes me think I could possibly pull off writing a regular (weekly?) blog, much less come up with stuff that would inspire you to take time from your own list to read it?  What benefit do I think my thoughts might confer to you, and by extension from your life, to the larger world?

Well, I've finally come to realize I can't really count on making any positive impact in you or the world in general.  After all, I'm one of billions of minnows in a great ocean.  On the other hand, what I can do is honor the spirit I'm given so freely and can continue to seek various ways to breathe it all back out into the breeze of consciousness.  Me, Daniel, on my own, my ego self, is extremely limited.  But when I seek ways to resonate along with the breath of life, with the flow of the great Ocean, the possibilities may (in deed) be infinite.

I get captivated by things like syncronicities, the process of creativity, mystical connection, chaos and complexity, sonic resonance, moving from disease to wholeness....  We are stepping into new awareness with our right and left brains, and the functioning intelligences of our hearts and bodies.  Reductionism now leads us headlong into the mystical and, in turn, the mystery generates a never-ending flow of questions to try to break down into something we can grasp with our myopic minds.  Language in it's dance with the unspeakable generates longing that inspires all manner of creativity.  Divergent perspectives, when viewed complementarily, present prospects and possibilities that weren't previously imagineable.  How might these new perspectives complement or enhance our former notions about ourselves and our place in the world?  And what is the relationship between "understanding" a concept and living through a deepened self-awareness in our daily lives?

I'm enjoying the prospect of sharing some of my thoughts and experiences in writing.  Please feel free to comment, it would be good to hear from you.  I think things are just getting interestinger and interestinger (Hey, new blog, new words).  Here's to making the most of it!

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Here's a place where you can encounter a loosely filtered sampling of my thoughts on all sorts of stuff from a safe distance.  I think it's time to get some of these things out of my head where perhaps somebody else can wrestle with them for a change.

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  • Guest
    Danny B Saturday, 30 March 2013

    Cool, can't wait to read more of these!

  • Mita
    Mita Thursday, 01 May 2014


    Hi Daniel,

    "Wow" is all I can think about. I loved reading your blog. You really have a niece about writing. It flows like a poetry. I really enjoyed reading it. Please don't stop writing. You really have two talents.(Music and writing) One can read your writing just like a song. It is beautiful how you are able to express it in words.
    I am also very intrigued by the Meta, and Quantum physique and Brainwaves and stuff, but cannot write about it the way you expressed in your blog. I even have a blog through the Empower Network business, but never use it.
    I just wanted to say hello, and wanted to see what you were up to since the San Diego. I never see you in the Music Prosperity Group or Facebook. Today I was letting all my friends know about this special Movie Streaming on web, about the findings of Ancient ruins of Dwarka to be exact. (It's like the Atlantis of the East) I love these stuff. It's going to be streamed at 3AM (eastern time) on May 1, 2014. Please save your spot if you are interested. It's going to be available for 24 hours after 3AM. You can go to

    Hope you are interested in these kind of subjects.
    How is your music going? Please keep in touch. I also need to know about any body who can teach the Sitar, I want to learn it since forever.

    Thank you Daniel, it was so nice to meet you and thank you for playing the Piano for me on our break.
    Love and Success to you,
    (904) 671-3146

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